Lead Designer 2013-2014

TidePool’s purpose was to train your brain through cognitive games with a secret agent theme. Just as Fitbit measures your activity and sleep, TidePool would measure your reaction time, emotional intelligence, focus, reasoning, and adaptability. It would also track these metrics on a daily basis.


The app uses games to challenge cognitive abilities for improving memory, speed, reasoning and focus. The user trains for missions by playing games. Afterwards, progress reports provide insight into performance.


Prototyping with Keynote allowed me to experiment with game mechanics and animations. Once timing and visual appearance were established, the prototype helped the iOS developer understand how the app should look and react. In this game "Codebreaker" you memorize a code to get through locked doors. I've also written a more in-depth blog post on how I used Keynote to prototype.

These are a few examples of other screens from the app. I created all of these interactions in Keynote first. This guided the iOS developers in creating the actual screens in the app (Shown below).


In addition to making games that are fun to play, I had to make neuroscience concepts more accessible for the player.

To make our personality test less tedious, I presented the content in an interactive and visually engaging way. At the end of the test, the user was assigned one of sixty possible personality types, each with its own characteristics and traits.

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