YOUR PHOTOS, WITH SOUND. JamSnap is the best new way to capture moments in your life. Snap a photo, add sounds, and share your JamSnap with the people close to you. It’s easy! Snap. Jam. Share.


So JamSnap works like this. Snap. You take a photo (or pull one from your library) Jam. Record one or more short sounds. These can be music, stories, or just funny sounds. Then you Share with your friends and social networks.

JamSnap is a side project created in partnership with Mayank Sanganeria. It’s been great working with a developer that I’m in sync with. We can sit next to each other and push out something cool in a short amount of time. We worked on the weekends not just building the app, but we tried to create a solid product with marketing and even a video.


We needed to figure out the best way to instruct users how to use soundtags in the app. It was tempting to include a bunch of instructions with coachmarks pointing out how things worked. However, it can be overwhelming for users to remember so many instructions. In the end we realized that conditional instructions (having instructions appear as the user is doing an action) were more helpful. For example, as the user drags a soundtag, more instructions on what to do with it appear.