Jenni originally hails from Texas and is a freshly planted San Francisco newbie. She’s designed a multitude of mobile apps, 2 of which have been inducted into the Apple Hall of Fame. Gifted with mad kerning skills, Jenni also has a highly curious mind and spends her time trying to merge with the Internet. She likes to call herself “Mayor of Awesometown” and “International Business Woman,” neither of which has been disputed.

Fun Stuff:

I have a tumblr where I’m collecting Canadian logos that use the maple leaf called Maple Mark.

I have another tumblr where I post bite sized pieces of interesting tidbits for people who can’t read all of the internet everyday, called Brainfood. It’s a repost of my Tiny Letter emails.

I’m selling a couple of posters on Etsy at Lederprint.

I’m also 1/2 of MEGABRAIN, a computational unit made out of two brains. The other 1/2 is Alli Dryer.